10.10.01 | The Making of the New Study Center – by Nerren Homeres

10.10.01 | The Making of the New Study Center – by Nerren Homeres

The staff at streetlight is so kind and helpful to us. We would especially like to write a few words about Nerren Homeres. She brings a lot of joy, good ideas and good motivations into the project. She is a nurse and a talented writer and recently she wrote a very generous text about the making of the new study and development centre. Check out her beautiful text below. Thanks for your support Nerren!!!

Every time we see a beautiful building or a beautiful house, we always wonder, who made and designed it to make it ideal in the eyes of many people. Who choose the color for it to be attractive? Who did the measurement that gave a perfect angle? Whoever he is… HE must be great! And now that Streetlight is on the process of making a new huge study center, the people behind every detail of the new building are simply great!

It has been a long time plan of Streetlight to put up a huge study center that can cater countless children to be enrolled in the scholarship program. Streetlight would like to help as many street children as possible, to bring these children to school where they should be and to be away from the hopeless life on street. Now three architecture students from Norway are now volunteering at Streetlight to help start and to put this long time plan into action.

Ivar, Trond and Alex, came to know Streetlight and has been amazed of its great job solely for the street children in Tacloban City, Philippines. Streetlight has been in their heart for many years and they kept that enthusiasm and passion to work something extraordinary, memorable and noble job for Streetlight until they got the opportunity to come to the Philippines.

Now that they are at Streetlight, the work has begun! These three architecture students has there own distinctive and amazing way in making the New Study Center. Architecture study in the Philippines is somehow far different from Norway, but they did not come to show their brilliant ideas, plans and expertise, they were humble enough to learn, to adjust on the culture and mingle to everyone in Streetlight. They simply make everyone excited and proud for giving us the opportunity to share our thoughts and desires of how the building will look like. For them the contribution of everyone is vital. The meaningful and interactive meetings and dialogues with the management down to the staff, to the parents of our scholars and to the children give them more insights, realization, value and purpose for the project.

These three architecture students brought back one good attitude of Filipinos, ‘The Bayanihan System’ in the process of making the new study center. “Bayanihan” refers to a spirit of communal unity or effort to achieve a particular objective. And everyone feel the spirit of oneness, participation and cooperation, as everyone is involved not only on the planning stage but all through out, until we can come up a beautiful building that is huge, suitable, convenient and better learning for many children and for a wide space for the mothers to prepare food for their children early in the morning before they go to school.

Personally, I don’t know anything about architectural matters, making design, color combination or even to draw a simple thing, but I know how to appreciate a designed or drawing of another person. And I do appreciate the amazing job of these three architecture students. They make everyone at Streetlight understand the true beauty in making a building: HOW IT LOOKS LIKE IS AS IMPORTANT AS HOW IT WILL BE MADE! When we have the New Study Center, it will always remind us that we should always work with one another to achieve one goal.

Ivar, Trond and Alex, makes everyone at Streetlight great! Especially the fathers of our scholars who does the actual work in putting up the building together with the volunteers and some staff of Streetlight. Let us join these three young men on their passion and journey for this awesome project! Together let us lend a hand in any way we can in making The New Study Center solely for a brighter future of our children.