Next week: The men interested in working with us next thursday and friday.

10.09.18 | The fathers

This thursday we will begin digging and preparing the site. We hope to involve the fathers in the building process, so today we invited those that were interested to work with us. Five of the fathers would help us to dig and level the ground. A total of ten fathers came to the meeting, so we had to make an arbitrary selection for these two days of work.

The main reason why we are interested in involving the fathers is so that they can get the opportunity to help their own kids. Now, the mothers are working hard cleaning and making food for their kids at the study and development center. We wanted to give the father the opportunity to contribute as well. Hopefully will this project be a good arena for exchanging experiences with the fathers, involving carpenters to share their knowledge and so on. And in the end, maybe the fathers can feel that they achieved something special.