Filming the fabrication process

Summary by ChenHongyun 陈鸿云 (student, SZU)(film group)

From 13-23 Jan I have gone from being an amateur to become a decent photographer. I am very grateful for this opportunity, neither a part-time job nor an internship. It has been volunteer activity for me that is extremely special, meaningful and unforgettable. By collaborating with people I learn more than just working by myself. And this time is the first time I have worked with different professions as well as different nationalities. It has been exiting and new for me.

During my days at the factory I was deeply influenced by the people there. They have experienced a lot but they all lived bravely. Some even lived happily, despite the fact they are far away from their children and parents and live in poor conditions. They encouraged me a lot, and made me aware that I am still young, and that I should spend my energy to make the most of my time during my life.