再造-我们来造 remake – we make

再造-我们来造 remake – we make

Bi-City Biennale of Architecture & Urbanism | Shenzhen & Hong Kong
December 2015 – February 2016

Sponsored by DOGA & the Norwegian Consulate in Guangzhou

M&L FASHION CLOTHES Co.,Ltd. is a small factory in Baishizhou, an urban village in the city of Shenzhen in China. Several larger factories in the area have been demolished to make space for new development. M&L will hopefully be able to stay for another 2-3 years before the redevelopment affects them.

The M&L factory is run by managers Mr Zhou and Mr Liu, who started the factory together in Baishizhou after returning from abroad 3 years ago. They produce clothes and distribute them all over China. The tasks within the factory are divided clearly. The threads are knitted together by Mr. Guo and Mr. Liu, who operate the knitting machinery. The pieces of fabric they produce are then stitched together by Ms. Tang, Ms. Chen and Ms. Fan. If there are any holes in the fabric, Ms. Zhu will patch them. Any extra threads will be cleaned and removed by the other Ms. Tang also working in the factory. When each piece is ready, Mr. Luo will iron it and attach the labels so that the other Mr. Liu, who works in the factory, can package the pieces. Many of these workers have been doing this job for more than 10 years, some as long as 30 years.

This exhibition, ‘Remake – We make’ was designed and produced as a collaboration between every member of the factory and students from Shenzhen University’s Department of Architecture, through a design-build workshop taking place from 11-23 January 2016.

Through discussions, drawings and testing, each giant fabric tube you can see on show was designed to present – in the knitted fabric itself – the stories of each worker. As with the clothes the factory sends all over China, both the managers and workers come from many different provinces, far away from Shenzhen. Not all of them get to see their family every year. Many of these new tubes represent their longing for home, and to be with and to hear the stories of their families. 11 people at a knitting factory, 11 tubes – made in Baishizhou.

The ‘Remake – We make’ exhibition was curated by Lucy Bullivant. The workshop was led by Xin Guo (of dot Architects/SZU), Yan Gao (of dot Architects/HKU), Ivar Tutturen & Alexander Furunes (of WORKSHOP architecture).

明流时尚服饰有限公司是一间坐落于深圳最大城中村白石洲地区的小工厂。 工厂生产针织服饰并销往全国各地。 由于深圳快速的城市化发展,附近的大工厂大多已经搬迁,明流服饰期望它们能在白石洲存在的最后两三年内坚持生产。


工 厂的日常分工很明确, 刘先生和郭先生负责操作电脑横机将毛线编织成衣片,衣片由唐女士,陈女士和樊女士缝合成衣。朱女士负责检查及修补衣服上的漏洞,线头由负责挑撞的另一位唐 女士检查并去除。在成衣后,罗先生负责熨烫及车唛,最后,交由包装的刘先生将衣物装袋。工厂中的各位员工,除郭先生外,在纺织行业均有十年以上的工作经 验,多者甚至可达30年。

本次展览Remake – We make的装置,是由工厂员工和深圳大学学生在2016年1月11-23日一起协同设计并完成制作的。通过讨论,绘图和打样,每个织物圆筒上的图案/颜色/纹理均呈现了一位工人的故事。



Remake – We make展览由Lucy Bullivant策展。本次工作坊由郭馨(度态建筑/深圳大学),高岩(度态建筑/香港大学),Ivar Tutturen & Alexander Furunes (of WORKSHOP architecture)指导。


Project lead:
Alexander Furunes (WORKSHOP architecture)
Ivar Tutturen (WORKSHOP architecture)
郭馨 Guo Xin (Architect & professor SZU/dotA)
高岩 Gao Yan (Architect & professor HKU/dotA)

Assistant lead:
许晓明 Xu Xiaoming (Student, SZU)

石佳鑫 Shi Jiaxin (Student, SZU)
孙翼 Sun Yi (Student, SZU)
郑虹 Zheng Hong (Student, SZU)
文惠 Wen Hui (Student, SZU)
李楚君 Li Chujun (Student, SZU)
郭静 Guo Jing (Student, SZU)
郑健苹 Zheng Jianping (Student, SZU)
张泽城 Zhang Zecheng (Student, SZU)
曾繁俊 Zeng Fanjun (Student, SZU)
彭石威 Peng Shiwei (Student, SZU)
杨汉章 Yang Hanzhang (Student, SZU)
陈鸿云 ChenHongyun (Student, SZU)
周翀 Zhou Chong (Student, SZU)
罗伟旋 Luo Weixuan (Student, SZU)
秦川 QinChuan (Student, SZU)
杜媛媛 Du YuanYuan (Student, SZU)
赵东明 Zhao Dongming (Architect, dotA)


刘先生 Mr. Liu (编程 Programming)
郭先生 Mr. Guo (织机 Mechanic)
朱女士 Ms. Zhu (查补 Quality Check)
唐女士 Ms. Tang (收线 Stitching)
刘先生 Mr. Liu (包装 Packing)
刘先生 Mr. Liu (经理 Manager)
周先生 Mr. Zhou (经理 Manager)
罗先生 Mr. Luo (熨烫 Ironing)
陈女士 Ms. Chen (缝合 Linking)
樊女士 Ms. Fan (缝合 Linking)
唐女士 Ms. Tang (缝合 Linking=

再造-我们来造:社会和文化 交流框架
Remake – We make: frameworks for social and cultural exchange

‘Architecture as a participative process, rather than an ‘a priori’, abstracting regeneration framework, is the focus of the ‘Remake – We make’ exhibition, evoking and enacting in real time principles of socially distributed urbanism. Community-engaged placemaking, embracing the handmade, the small scale and the improvisational has more positive impact on the social and political life of the city.

These activities are reevaluating architecture’s social contract and organisational models, fostering fresh collaborative processes and deployments of local materials, crafts and skills. The site becomes a heart of educational interaction and open source design, overcoming the typical disconnection between the public and the processes by which spaces are made, and opening new possibilities for the building of social, ecological and health capital’ (Lucy Bullivant, curator, ‘Remake – We make’).

Curator Lucy Bullivant PhD Hon FRIBA – founder and Editor-in-chief of the webzine Urbanista.org, award-winning author (Masterplanning Futures 2012, Routledge, won the Urban Design Group Book of the Year Award, 2014) and a professor of urban design history and theory – has conceived of ‘Remake – We make’ as a space for both learning and the making of elements that build during the Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture Shenzhen, from December 2015-February 2016.

Lucy Bullivant Curator

Paul McHale

WORKSHOP architecture
Studio Weave + 00 Architecture
Carl Turner Architects

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