11.08.03 | Mother’s Workshop

11.08.03 | Mother’s Workshop

Mothers workshop is always exciting and interesting! Having the presence of Ivar, Trond and Alex makes every workshop fun that creates a good memory in the heart of the mothers. The last time the mothers talk and be with them was during the heartfelt farewell party on December 2010. And workshop is quite different without the three young men, so I invited them to join us through skype and I am glad they allotted a time to come online with their busy schedule back in Norway. The mothers were surprised and happy to see and talk to them again. Indeed the workshop were fun!

Because mothers knows best for the children and since they are the one serving breakfast and preparing lunch for all scholars, we allow them to make rules on how the feeding will be at the New Study Center that will be followed by each scholar.

Rules to follow:
1. Come in school uniform
2. Breakfast will be served at 5: 00 am and cut off time is 7:00 am
3. Take off your shoes and place in the shoe rock
4. Wash your hands before getting inside the study center
5. Place the lunch box in the table
6. Observe silence while eating and avoid spilling of food and water in the table.

The mothers also make a proposed drawing of how the inside of the study center will look like. In this workshop it was the children who prepare and served snack to the mothers. We were all happy to see and talk to them in that short time. Until then!