10.10.20 | “Cinema at Streetlight Park” by Nerren Homeres

10.10.20 | “Cinema at Streetlight Park” by Nerren Homeres

Nerren Homeres have been so kind to write another wonderfull text about the developement and preparations for the new study centre:

There are many fantastic things to look forward at Streetlight Park for everyone to enjoy especially for our children. And one of those is the Cinema.

Every weekend we give our children a movie break after a week of studying and being at school. They choose a movie that they want to watch with the guidance of the adults. To break the usual TV screen, making Cinema at the park has been proposed that excite everyone especially the kids.

Ivar, Trond and Alex were speechless while one father making a suggestion box out of bamboo. They were amazed of his skillfulness. And now that they are making a Cinema, this time the volunteers astound the fathers with their knowledge and expertise in making a handmade huge movie screen just by using two woods that will serve as a frame and will hold on many ropes as a screen. A screen that is well built to hold on against strong winds, made of good quality materials that will last long and with a unique design that will coincide the great view of the park. The two palm tree located near the ocean with an exact distance from each other is the perfect place for the movie screen. With the father’s eagerness to learn, they worked on the screen with the volunteers instructions. They made 142 holes on each frame and connected it with Abaca ropes. The children love to watch while the fathers are working and waited until everything was done. The screen seems to be new for everyone and we are all puzzled as to how it will work, until a movie was shown with the use of a projector.

The target day for the first movie showing was on Friday night. The volunteers and the fathers prepared everything to be ready. They partially flattened the area where they placed the chairs and provide a temporary roof to avoid getting wet when the rain comes. Everyone was there to watch, including the fathers. But before the movie started, some break dances was shown that entertained the children, slide show of many pictures from the beginning of their work on the site of the new building was also presented and everyone was enjoying and laughing looking at some funny pictures. And of course, the children didn’t want to miss to show a dance presentation with their favorite moves.

And the movie has begun! THE LAST AIRBENDER was the first movie shown at Streetlight Park! Having the Cinema at the Park feels like to be in a real movie house. We sat comfortably in plastic chairs, feeling the cold breeze of the air coming from the ocean and trees was our air conditioner. The handmade screen shows good quality of images, its size and distance from the audience is just right for everyone to see a clear picture of the movie and the sound system gives an adequate sound for everybody to hear and understand the film. Everyone finished and enjoyed watching and that the children immediately imitated the powers that were shown in the movie… as expected!

A BIG THANKS to Ivar, Trond and Alex for bringing the Cinema to the park, instead of bringing the kids to a movie house which is quite expensive. The Cinema welcomes everyone to watch free movies every weekend. This will also be used in showing slide show pictures on the progress of the making of the new study center for everyone to be updated on the project. We also want to extend our gratitude to JOEBZ Computer Shop for allowing us to use their expensive and fragile projector during movie time.

The actual proposal on the area of the Cinema is to make it a mini amphitheater like an actual cinema house. For now we are enjoying and having fun on what we have and we are inviting you all to join us as we look forward for everything to be done as it was planned.