29.08.13 | revisiting aarohi

29.08.13 | revisiting aarohi

11.08.13 | saying goodbye to hariharpur

11.08.13 | saying goodbye to hariharpur

Sarva Mangala working with a father to develop the design

29.07.13 | returning to site & developing the bamboo structure

mangalore tiles installed along the edge of the ring beam to protect the walls below from water

20.07.13 | back in delhi

the three barrel vaults in the classroom

18.06.13 | work continues on-site independently

testing the white paint decoration on the mock-up mud wall

26.05.13 | mud plastering begins

it's a space! a mason completing the adobe walls between the toilet and the classroom

18.05.13 | defining the interior spaces

hammering in small pieces of gravel between these three layers to maintain the correct spacing (mortar can shrink)

11.05.13 | starting the barrel vaults

passing the steel I-girder up to accha lal

04.05.13 | ready for the roof

nathai's amazing hands

27.04.13 | preparing for the ring beam

a mother working on a model to resolve the windows for the new classroom

21.04.13 | finalizing the master plan & starting the classroom

one of the chacha nehru students looking on as sima's father works out the chair design

13.03.13 | completing the toilet walls

talking through the design on-site

06.04.13 | day fourteen building community iii

ana working that cob in the sunset

05.04.13 | day thirteen building community iii

yanchee holding up the formwork for the DPC

04.04.13 | day twelve building community iii

jelmer and leila sifting sand for the concrete mix

02.04.13 | day ten building community iii

kritika passing bricks to keelan

01.04.13 | day nine building community iii

edge of the arch and form-work

31.03.13 | day eight building community iii

a parent presenting her ideas for the toilet

30.03.13 | day seven building community iii

leila digging up a tree trunk

29.03.13 | day six building community iii

ivar showing kamlesh the participant's drawings

28.03.13 | day five building community iii

a few hours later: happy holi!!

27.03.13 | day four building community iii

the village crit, in a circle by a hay bale...

26.03.13 | day three building community iii

working out the plot boundaries on the map

25.03.13 | day two building community iii

setting up the jute canopy for our workspace

24.03.13 | day one building community iii

23.03.13 | parents’ workshop

23.03.13 | parents’ workshop

22.03.13 | returning to hariharpur

22.03.13 | returning to hariharpur

the husband, who makes the bricks with the wooden mold

18.03.13 | adobe construction site

alex and mr kamath

10.03.13 | visiting anangpur

visitors interacting with the mock-up

06.03.13 | talk & reception at the british council

one the village houses

19.02.13 | what makes a good classroom?

drawing out ideas for the school

18.02.13 | first workshop with the teachers

mr misra from ITRHD with the community

17.02.13 | school opening ceremony

drying cow patties

16.02.13 | arriving in Hariharpur

the completed mock-up structure

12.02.13 | exhibition opens!

the musicians talking about their ideas for the project

08.02.13 | day 12 building community ii

jute rope stretched across the bamboo frame

07.02.13 | day 11 building community ii

05.02.13 | day 9 building community ii

05.02.13 | day 9 building community ii

late night stretch session - we're starting to ache!

04.02.13 | day 8 building community ii

ivar holding up the woven panels

03.02.13 | planning the exhibition

laying the bricks with mud mortar

02.02.13 | day 7 building community ii

tyler and her frame...

01.02.13 | day 6 building community ii

delhi-beli brick (too much water!)

31.01.13 | day 5 building community ii

this stuff feels nice!

30.01.13 | day 4 building community ii

our new tented home, in the front garden of the british council

29.01.13 | day 3 building community ii

answers (and more questions) to one of yesterday evening's questions

28.01.13 | day 2 building community ii

presenting WORKSHOP's previous projects

27.01.13 | day 1 building community ii

thatched shacks between brick huts in the village

05.01.13 | visiting SCAD

black pots that have been fired with goats' dung

19.12.12 | visiting ITRHD

The amazing view of the Himalya's from the road up to Satoli

09.12.12 | visiting aarohi