The Output of the Community

11.06.26 | “Bayanihan” for the New Study Center

Ivar, Trond and Alex invested time and efforts to unite with the community through series of workshops. And I am grateful and honored to be with them in facilitating every workshop. The process of making the community connected to the project was quite hard and challenging but we made it through by so transparent in our passion.

I personally saw and felt the “Bayanihan” spirit in the hearts of the community that it drives me to put it into words through a poem.

Bayanihan means communal unity
The spirit of oneness, participation and cooperation
Has brought us together as community
To achieve one goal and aspiration

The community, the people
Each of us has special role to play
Scholars, the dreamers
Mothers, the way to the children’s dream
Fathers, the dream builders

The scholars, boys and girls
Shared their gift of hope and inspiration
Every little dream and wishes
Bring us closer to our imagination.

Their mother’s love and care
Has brought peace and harmony
They keep the flame burni ng within our hearts

That clears the path towards their children’s dream.
The father’s commitment and strength
We stand together as one

From the beginning to the end
They will finish the race to achieve their children’s dream

The fear of man will take us far
The night may set us apart
We may be shaken and stumble
But the power of the children’s dream persevere us.

The spirit of ‘I can’
Brings more motivation in all of us
The scholars, mothers and fathers
Has discovered that ‘the y can’

Our volunteers Ivar, Trond and Alex
Teach us lessons we must learn
To reach for our own star
To realize the children’s dream

Together we will build
The New Study Center

The Children’s Dream

The Community
With unity and love.

Streetlight would like to convey our gratitude to Ivar, Trond and Alex. Thank you for bringing life to the community; you give more hope to the children’s dream; you empower the mothers to realize the children’s dreams and make the fathers true dream builders.