11.07.14 | Back to Workshop

11.07.14 | Back to Workshop

Ivar, Trond and Alex introduced and started workshop to Streetlight. Workshop is a series of meetings emphasizing interaction and exchange of information among usually small number of participants. And it was the best and most constructive method in motivating the community to be connected on the project. Through series of workshops the community creates their own initiative, plans, process and actions for the project. It was also an effective way for the community in breaking down barriers among community members and improves its communication towards each other. This was also an opportunity for the individual member of the community to be trained, learned new knowledge and skills, team-building and organize themselves as a community.

Workshops with the community was used during the entire process of making the New Study Center. And I am glad to continue the workshop when Streetlight started again the construction of the building.


In this workshop the scholars are making rules with the guidance of the tutor on how they will use the new study center according to its purpose. The building are used by the scholars and allowing them to be a part in making the rules will give them ownership of the place andthey will follow what rules they have made and implemented.

We started with the kids favorite fun game “Pinoy Hinyo”

The Scholars were divided into three groups to make different rules and each group presented and acted on the rules that they made.
The rules that was made was consolidated by the tutors and implemented the rules with the scholars
Rules to Follow:


1. Take off your shoes or sleepers, placed it in the shoe rock and wash your hands before entering the study center.
2. Enter or leave the study center quietly so that other scholars will no be disturbed.
3. Use soft voice when asking something from the tutor or co-scholar.
4. Only scholars who have assignment, projects and tutorils are allowed to go inside the study center.
5. Bag should be placed under the table.
6. Playing and eating inside the study center are not allowed.


1. Observe silence
. Maintain Cleanliness
3. Arrange the book properly
4. Pu the book in its proper place after using
5. As permission from the tutor when borrowing books


1. Observe silence
2. Use the computer properly
3. Allowable time to use is only 30 minutes.
4. Only google website is allowed to open.
5. Only scholars who have researched assignments, projects are allowed to use the computer
6. No scholars are allowed to stand by at the computer area
7. If you need to open other websites ask permission from the tutors. Failure to obey this will not be allowed to use the computer for 2 weeks.

With all these rules, the new study center is peaceful, organize, clean and all things are in order.