11.07.03 | Back to Work!

11.07.03 | Back to Work!

In April 2011, Streetlight continued the construction of the New Study Center the way how Ivar, Trond and Alex with the community made, planned and designed the building. The building was designed that it will look different from the buildings that we commonly see here in Tacloban City, and in a way that it will be easy to build with the community. The design came out to be beautiful and natural using native and local materials and this also coincide with the beauty of the park.

We hired again the fathers of our scholars to work on the construction and invited the mothers to be part again on the planning and workshops. Four fathers work on the construction and each of them is partnered with a skilled carpenter in whom they can learn and be trained to be skilled in the construction.

We are all excited to see the beautiful outcome of the efforts that the community has put in for the building. They proved that they can still make a difference to themselves and to the individual members of the community. The construction of the Elementary building is now finished! Stay in this blog for more amazing and detailed pictures of the building!

Though Ivar, Trond and Alex were not with us, they keep in touch and help us on the process of making the building until it was done. They were always remembered in our daily work on the construction of the building and in every workshop that we have.

Stay tune!