louise and mari refining the facade design and plan

30.10.12 | day nine ‘building community’

Our ninth day on site with the ‘Building Community’ team, described by Louise Underhill (an AA Visiting School participant) and Katarina Harbakvold (an NTNU 2nd year student):

Today we started bright and early and arrived at the site for 8 o clock. One group started work again on the foundations, finishing the brick walls, removing formwork and filling in the centre with loads and loads of rubble, it was dusty and heavy work. The timber team have found their rhythm and with the help of the carpenter managed to nearly finish all of the frames today. Two people were working on the design of the plan for the interior and zoning the areas, which is starting to make sense. After a discussion with everyone, and some very diplomatic decisions, there is still some work to do to finalise the details of panels and levels within the building.

We are all starting to accept that we won’t be finished by Saturday as we had hoped. It means that we need to prioritise what is most important. We want to have the main structure complete with a roof and then to start to suggest some of the details that might be used. It would be great to get some of the infill panels made as well as a few pieces of furniture. And if we have a chance, to use some of the beautiful woodblock printed fabric to make some cushions for everyone to sit on at the party on Saturday.

Today was a tough day, but with the frames complete tomorrow and hopefully the final cast on the slab it will all start to come together. Fingers crossed.