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30.01.13 | day 4 building community ii

Here’s an account of Day 4, written by Jaykishan Mistry, a graduate of IES College in Mumbai:

Everyone were content that they finished the tent the previous day so the materials could be stored in them, but unfortunately materials didn’t arrive as there’s a specific time frame when a heavily loaded vehicle can enter the center of the city and so the materials were confiscated by the Delhi police. So we decided to move on while Clem, Alex, Ivar and Dhruv were trying to mange the materials with the help of Vishank.

 We started by making the mixture for the clay bricks by using the sand which was excavated at 4 ft below ground level from hariharpur, everyone gathered around to get their “hands dirty” as peter would say, grinding the soil clumps by hand(using small bamboo logs) into fine sand-like particles. the behavior of of the soil made us realise that the clay content in the soil was high. So then slowly adding water and all of us made the mixture for the bricks. During this time there were interesting points thrown in as in how to make the brick termite proof.
Trying not to waste time we split up in groups of 3
Divya and Kritika doing the jute weaving
Tyler Nirali Vishank doing the bamboo joinery
Peter and myself doing the mould for the clay bricks
D and k did an amazing job trying to figure out the weaving technique used in charpoy and then coming up with their own patterns. This weaved screen was idealized to use as a transparent screen/ wall.
T, N and v explored a huge amount of joinery details used in bamboo construction with guidance by Alex.
Peter and I made the wooden mould for clay bricks which we could use the next day.
In all, the workshop is progressing in terms of production value.