the cast ring-beam close up

28.10.12 | day seven ‘building community’

A collaborative blog by two NTNU second year students, Thomas Skinnemoen and Maria Ringstad, about the seventh day of the workshop!

Today was Sunday, and supposed to be our day off from working on the site. Due to shortage of time, the guys and the engineers decided to go anyways. The form work for the columns had to be finished, as well as the casting.

When we arrived at Chander Nagar there had been a power cut, so none of the electric tools were functioning. Just another one in the line of delays, resulting in the need for some improvisation. Before lunch the column form work was finish and alignment had begun.

We all took a vikram to a restaurant near the market where we had some amazing food, the best food we’ve had so far during the stay. When we got back to the site we continued aligning the form work with the help of our mason. We soon after started mixing the concrete and begun casting it. Around 7 we finished up, almost done with the base for the columns.

An hour later we arrived back home where all the girls were piled in the sofa watching a chick-flick. They’d spent the day shopping with Kiran Didi, who’d taken them to a Saree-shop, a Kashmir-shop, to lunch, and then to get shoes. They’d also been to (and got lost in) the big and extremely crowded market, where it was possible to buy pretty much anything.

The boys popped into some cement-free clothes and took the vikram to another part of town. Here we meet up with the engineers. We first dropped by a Nike store and then went to this awesome restaurant where they served both beer and meat, they also showed the United-Chelsea game. The food was terrific! When we got back home the girls could report about a mob-fight outside our house.

Hopefully we’re all one step closer to the goal, after another great day in Dehradun!