exposed re-bar at the top of the columns

29.10.12 | day eight ‘building community’

Another collaborative entry from Thomas and Maria:

This morning the girls left home early to start working on the site, while the boys had the day off till lunch. We (the boys) went to a Kashmiri with Kiran to buy some gifts for family back home. Afterwards we stopped by a clothing store where a few of the guys got some contemporary Indian style shirts. Some of us then visited the market to experience some Indian culture. We arrived at the school just in time for lunch.

In the meantime the girls and the engineers had started working on the brick walls in between the columns, as well as continuing on the timber frames. Aligning the connection between the concrete and the wood took all morning. After lunch we all celebrated Kaushik’s birthday with song and chocolate cake.

The work with raising the small brick walls continued, and eventually almost everyone was working on that. The mason in charge knows how he wants it done, and makes sure everything is done to his standards ‘–pukka’ (good)! Throughout the evening we finished the brickwork, and we are now ready to start filling in the foundation tomorrow morning.