lengths of re-bar waiting to be bent

27.10.12 | day six ‘building community’

Our sixth, action-packed, day…described by Erling Søyland, an NTNU 2nd year student:

This day has probably been the one to show the largest progress so far. In the evening we finally got to cast the ring beam, and the first samples of the construction frames were finished. We started the day with some discussion as usual. This time it was about the formwork of the ring beam, but we agreed soon enough. In the beginning, we poured a layer of concrete in the bottom of the ditch we had dug during the days before. This way we had a little bit of level foundation for both, the reinforcement bars and the concrete we were going to pour in later.

In the mean time the wood team was working on the samples for the frames for the construction. Each of these frames contains five joints, and each joint has to be sawn lengthwise in the wood and carved out. This is of course a lot of work, and it kept the team occupied for a large part of the day. After the layer of concrete had been poured into the ditch, we started making the last parts of the reinforcement bars. This was then put into the ditch, and a little bit of formwork was applied in the corners of the ditch that would have the ring beam above ground level.

At six o’clock in the evening we could start casting. Three people were mixing the concrete, and the rest formed a chain of people to transport the concrete from the mixer and into the ditch. We were done with the casting at eight o’clock, which was a great time considering we made about three cubic meters of concrete! After this, the dinner was waiting for us, and I really believe this was the most welcomed meal so far.