our new tented home, in the front garden of the british council

29.01.13 | day 3 building community ii

Here’s an account of the third day of the Visiting School from Kritika Dhanda, an SPA architecture graduate, working in Delhi as a product designer:

We began the day with a brief presentation of our work formalized with cad drawings. The idea was not only to get an idea of what each of us was working on individually but also at the same time learn the 5minute presentation technique. Though personally I think, I atleast need a few more rounds of as I tend to get a little lost while I speak about my design ideas. I end up missing out on important design points. Or take a rather round route to get to the main idea which can get distracting. ! I realized this as I listened to other people speak as well. I could see a few glazed looks all around me…!

So after this was done. We started making the work- shed in the BCL driveway under which we will be storing our material and working on the prototypes in the coming weeks.Well it was what could be expected of 7 ingenuous architects and even aspiring architects who are put together to design (and make) a simple shed out of bamboo, tarp and rope. The structure would take a carpenter about 2 hours to make would be my estimate. If he had one helper. We started with a 40 minute discussion on what form would best hold up its shape under wind pressure, rains and the space restrictions we had. After lunch having finally decided on a course of action we proceeded to make the preplanned structure. Around 3 hours later. Dhruv came to the rescue and modified the design with short discussions and quick decisions to make it more feasible. The whole construction process was quite fun as most people had not worked with bamboo before and got a chance to do so under the guidance of our very own wood work expert Jaykishan.

We ended the day on a positive note at the BCL art gallery where there was an ongoing art exhibition at 7 pm, which meant wine and chips. That made everybody quite happy  🙂