answers (and more questions) to one of yesterday evening's questions

28.01.13 | day 2 building community ii

We began the morning discussing the parameters of the project as a group, before working in teams to express some of these ideas through design. In the afternoon Ivar and Vishank headed to the market to source materials (surprise surprise our contractor let us down and couldn´t provide the sun dried bricks he had promised!) while the rest of the participants resolved some of their ideas individually. Here’s an account of the day from Nirali Ganatra , a 5th year student at College of Architecture, Baroda:

After an brief idea about vernacular architecture by Mrs. Revathi Kamath and about the project by the organisation ITRHD we started our day today with three trigger issues for building the community.

What is the project about??
What do we want to explore??
How do we, as architects, want to explore these things??

Is the project about the organisation, who is backbone of the development, or is it about the users which is the “community” here.. How strong is the voice of the community in designing by participation!! Various factors like empowering of community..gender music with primary education.. Establishment of school will act as an epic enter which will trigger by time and will reach all the various factors directly affecting the community..

Various factors can be explored for empowering the community and making the space as sustainable by introducing new techniques of construction with the locally available materials with the community.. Lifestyle of the community need to be explored.. incorporation of their gift of music in the space of school to encourage churning of young minds towards innovations and betterment..
As an architect we need to blend with their lifestyle.. their clothing..their qualities to unfold the hidden treasure.. To get the answers to the questions without actually asking them directly.. Exploring new construction techniques for the school which is simpler and easy to adopt so that it reaches as many corners of the community as possible.. Its about going beyond for the community by the community.