a few hours later: happy holi!!

27.03.13 | day four building community iii

The fourth day of the workshop, written by AA Visiting School participant Letitia Allemand, who has been working for the past eight months in Chennai with MOAD, and is about to move to Delhi to work for INTACH.

Happy Holi! Holi is the color festival! We were all really looking forward to playing with pigments and water. But we have to be patient… We first have a nice breakfast, while hearing drummers and singers walking next to the house, celebrating Holi. After this, we splitted the students in three groups in order to get the design going on. We talked a lot about the orientation on the site, what side should be the courtyard, the toilets and the kitchen according to Vastu, the teachers’ will and the given site. We also focused on the toilets because it will be the first part we’ll be building. The research was also about the walls and how the thickness could be used.

After this research and discussions in small groups, it was finally time to play! Some villagers came to play with us, one was playing drums and we all danced while throwing color powder at each other. We really enjoyed to play and we all ended really colored! It took us a while to get “clean” – less colored at least – before having lunch.

This playing quite tired us but we had to get back to work. After discussing and drawing what we have on big sheet, we all went to Kamlesh’s house to do a Pooja. We were welcomed with more powder. They played music, we danced, it was really nice.

We went home and each group present what has been done earlier. It was nice to have a feedback from everyone and to see what the other groups have done. We all agreed that it was going forward but that a lot of work needed to be done before the beginning of digging on Friday.  Another great meal on the rooftop and we had the surprise to have some beers for this special day. We were all really tired but happy to have had the possibility to be part of this amazing celebration in India.