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26.03.13 | day three building community iii

The third day of the NTNU / AA Visiting School, written up by Jelmer Buurma a student from TU Delft:

Today we’re starting early while it’s still cool outside, we had breakfast at 7.00 am on the rooftop, lovely rice and chai of course. After breakfast we did a bit of stretching and yoga, to recover from our chaotic journey from Delhi. We discussed the design together with the engineers (who arrived the night before), and the impact it could have on the community. Then we started working out specific parts of the design in groups, thinking about the kitchen, toilets, staff rooms and classroom furniture.

We had a great lunch with Dal, Sabzi, Kheer and Papaya. After lunch we went to look at one of the beautiful traditional adobe houses in the village, the people were very friendly, showing us around the entire house and sharing sweet Holi pastries with us. The house had a beautiful white washed courtyard and lots of little niches in the thick walls, it was surprisingly cool as well. We documented as much as we could for the school design. While the sun was setting, we walked around the village and fields, visiting an existing primary school and a pond used for the adobe. After a few minutes it seemed like the entire village came out, curious about our arrival! In the evening we had a great dinner on the rooftop again and went to bed early after another great day!