making sure the new structure is in-line with the front of the adjacent building

25.10.12 | day four ‘building community’

An account of day three of the NTNU/ AA Visiting School – courtesy of Anders Bjørneseth:
Today has been another busy day at the Chander Nagar. Beginning at the site with a thorough introduction to all our available working tools, what to use, how, when and why, we continued to discuss the design of the frame – and groundworks, before starting on the manual labour. We split into two teams, the one handling both the wood work and the joinery for the trusses, and the other doing the digging of the ditch for the casting of the concrete foundation. In spite of some frustration due to the tight schedule, the mosquitoes, and the compulsory miscommunication, we are in high spirits. Everybody’s really excited, and whatever your problem is, it can always be solved over a cup of Chai. However, being as the Workshop takes place in India it’s important to get along with the gods as well. So before putting our shovels to the ground our local construction and yoga guru Kapil arranged for a ceremony to the honour of Ganesh, the Hindi God of luck, in order to ensure our blessing of the building. It’s so great finally seeing the project entering this phase of the process, getting your hands dirty, and start seeing the big pieces come together.