working out the plot boundaries on the map

25.03.13 | day two building community iii

Day two of the Visiting School, written (once more) by the Norwegians:

Today we started measuring the site, learning that nothing is straight forward in India! Kamlesh Ji and other community members are donating land for the building community project in Hariharpur. While measuring the site, the rest of the workshop participants arrived late due to a missed flight and a missed train. The female nursery school teachers showed us around, and later we had a meeting with them to learn what their needs and dreams for the new school are. In the evening the older musicians of the village played their magical music under the stars in the moon light with the fireflies blinking in the sky. The engineers from Ramboll arrived just in time for another delicious meal. After a day filled with impressions we slept like babies in our mosquito nets.