inez, veronica, yanchee and anders discussing a drawing

24.10.12 | day three ‘building community’

The third day of our ‘Building Community’ project, written by AA Visiting School participant Inez Tan:

After we learned some new yoga exercises this morning and we came to the site, we got divided into three groups. The first group thought about the shape, dimensions and material of the foundation. They also thought about where the columns would come and how many there would be. The second group thought about the trusses and made mock ups for two options. The third group tested out ideas for floors and walls in brick.

By the end of the morning group 1 started digging into where the foundation will come. They had to move some bushes that were in the way so we planted them on another spot at the site. At that time group 2 figured out two ways of making the truss and started painting it on the ground. Later they made mock ups to see how the dimensions came out. We changed some here and there and then we made a decision about how it would eventually look like. Then the wood came in! It looks really nice, so we can’t wait to start building this truss tomorrow.

Today was only half a day, because it was a festival day. We were celebrating the story of Prince Rama, heir to the throne of the kingdom. Rama and his wife Sita have been banished from the kingdom by the king as a result of trickery by Rama’s stepmother. The story is about tolerance and sacrifice. Anyway, we watched the burning a huge devil somewhere in the city where all of Dehradun gathered to see it.

After the event we went to a temple for a prayer and then we went back to Nanhi Dunyia to burn our own little devil, sing around the fire and have a lovely homemade dinner. The singing got kind of crazy when we ended up doing national anthems and although Jone sang a great Chinese song, the Norwegians definitely by far won the singing contest.

A great day! The design is coming together and we took in a lot of Indian culture!