setting up the jute canopy for our workspace

24.03.13 | day one building community iii

Sunday marked the arrival of the first batch of participants for our third Visiting School in India (the others were waylaid by missed planes and trains…). It’s exciting to be finally starting on site, and great to be joined by so many more hands and minds. The first blog entry has been written by NTNU students, Anna, Signe, Runa and Froydis:

We are four Norwegian girls who arrived India 24th of March. We were glad to be met by Jostein (also Norwegian) at the airport, who guided us through all the crazy taxi drivers. To get to Hariharpur, we drove by two and a half hours of small towns and and narrow roads with overloaded scooters, cows, elephants, goats and naked men. In Hariharpur everybody knew why we were here and where we were going. Exhausted from 36 hours of traveling we tried to stay awake, helping Ivar making the house ready. In the evening we were served a delicious meal and the boys from the village performed classical music from the region on the roof terrace. Magical.