participants testing out ideas with bamboo

23.10.12 | day two ‘building community’

Day two of our ‘Building Community’ NTNU / AA Visiting school – as described by Veronica, a 5th year NTNU student:

Today is the second day of the workshop. Yet another day of yoga on a nice rooftop to sharpen our minds. The ability to stretch is varied, let´s just say some have got a long way to go (including the current writer). After the yoga we had a wonderful breakfast and headed off to the site. Our little companion Kashish, a little girl with an enormous amount of energy and smiles, greeted us with all her heart. We summed up from yesterday and the group was divided into smaller partitions. The first part of the day was spent further defining the elements in the design. Working with the division of the zones within the structure, playing with the possibility to apply levels to the design and merging our structural ideas with the organisation of the interior. Our lovely team of engineers made a site review giving us a scaled drawing, giving us a realistic idea of the sizes.

We welcomed Elena to the team, one of the assistant teachers form NTNU with experience from similar projects. She arrived jet-laged but smiling just in time for lunch. Today’s food has been marvelous, having it prepared on site with freshly baked Parantha was an experience in itself.

After lunch we had a short summary about our progress and continued the work. The afternoon went on with testing the ideas with various 1:1 mockups in different materials and further refining the details. By the end of the day we had a nice selection of strategies for the different elements of the building. The structure holding the roof seems to be heading towards a wood construction and our carpenter is working on some interesting joints. Tomorrow we will decide the design and start construction. Looking forward to breaking ground!

After the dinner Kiran invited us to a BYO sticks event. At this occasion you basically dance with sticks. The evening is a part of Navrati a festival currently going on that relates to the half-moon of October. During the nine-nights of Navratri, huge tents are set up throughout the country and people get together to dance “dandiya”(dance with sticks). It was so much fun, the participants were eager to show us the proper way of engaging the sticks in the dance. If you have watched any Bollywood films and wondered if they dance like that in India, the answer is yes in weddings and in this festival.