How many can fit?

16.01.22 | making group – blog by Zhang Zecheng 张泽城 (student, SZU)

Today is a big day! There is only one day left for us to finish our work. So we have to work hard and collaborate! At eleven in the morning, we had a visit from the Norwegian Embassy at the factory. We showed what we have been doing, such as the columns that we have made with the workers, the film, and so on. They also had a chat with the manager and workers as well – they had a nice conversation together. The Norwegian Embassy is one of the organisations which have so kindly made this workshop possible, and we are so proud of presenting our work to them.

The sound group and some of the people in the film group went to the Biennale before the visitors arrived. They brought the chair made by cones and a wooden box, and assembled them at site. For the rest of us we showed the film and had a chat with the people from the Norwegian Embassy.

After that, we continue to work. Firstly, the columns we have tried to hang don’t look good and we think they need to be ironed. So we took them down and brought them back to the factory. It was a tough decision, but we had to do it to show our best! The sound group continued to finish the chair. In the meantime Xiaoming and Weixuan started hanging the rings and fixing the ropes that the tubes will be hung on.

We then went back to the factory in the evening. There is so much work that’s not yet done at the factory and we have to finish it tonight. We wrapped up at 9pm and went back to our school dormitories. We are still not done, but have prepared for the big day tomorrow!