Ms.Tang working with the students

16.01.18 | making group – blog by Zhang Zecheng 张泽城 (student, SZU)

Today is an eventful day and we learned a lot. In the morning, we got together to present and share the work we have done over the past days. It’s a great honour to have Director Dayong give the film group some advice. The film group started this morning with a short video fabrication process and some interviews with the workers. This also included some clips of their living and working conditions. You can see that they have spent a lot of time on the video and it looks really great. However, Director Dayong gave some constructive comments to the film group. They discussed for a long time how best to put together a structured plan for the period ahead, and I think they will make a wonderful film in the end.

During the afternoon, my group was very busy, too. Firstly, we were talking to the workers to learn more about them and to develop the design together. We discussed the design of the patterns and the textures that they designed and had the different main features. We have spent a long time and a lot of energy communicating with the workers and our teachers as well, so I’m looking forward to the final outcome.

The other group was still trying hard to make the chair/bench. They used plenty of cones to form a circle, and it looked beautiful! If the bench is finished it will be a nice place for the kids to play!! Everyday is full of challenges. Bring on tomorrow!