Sumarising the design from the workers

16.01.17 | making group – blog by Zheng Hong 郑虹 (student, SZU)

Seeing the first sample yesterday, we were all confident that we could have three fabrics printed this morning. We kept improving the pattern design with the workers and finally had all the patterns ready. It was good having all the design done, but we still have a lot to do. Before knitting the fabric we still need to edit the patterns, decide the exact colour of the different threads and buy what we need. We managed to do most of this during the afternoon. We were excited knowing that the first tube would be knitted later. However, dramatically, the machine broke down!! And, we didn’t know whether we could finish even one fabric today. Mr. Liu, the computer man offered to work over time finish his own fabric. Thanks a lot Mr. Liu!! Also, we started make the tags that we will attach to the columns that we designed. Each worker made a slogan that they wanted to print on the fabric, and we discussed what we would put on the tags tomorrow.

The sound group

Another piece of good news is that the other group finished the chair. I tried sitting on one of them, and they have really done a good job. The factory owner also tried sitting on it and he thought the chairs looked really nice! This encouraged us a lot. It is so nice to get such praise from the people we are working for. It feels like what we are doing has a meaning.