Concept model with early drawings by the different workers

16.01.16 | making group – blog by Wen Hui 文惠 (student, SZU)

In the morning, we took lots of photos of the clothes in the storage to map as many textures as possible. We brought these to the workers so that they could choose which ones they like best. But we had some problems as some of these patterns can’t be made in the factory. The second issue was that many of the textures can’t be knitted with the wool that we bought yesterday. So we had to talk with Mr Liu to understand what we can make with the wool that we got and the machines available. We then went back to the workers again and again so that they could decide which one they wanted.

We started to draw the patterns with the workers this afternoon. Whenever we tried to make the pattern more beautiful, but faced difficulties, we were reminded that it’s the workers who decides what they consider meaningful, and what is meaningful to them.
After we drew the patterns with the workers, we communicated these with machine man Liu. After processing the trads for knitting, we made necessary adjustments to the machines and then started to make the first piece of textile. Finally we could see the first piece of textile. Hopefully we can make the first tube today!!

Xiaoming presenting the first sample of Mr.Guo’s fabrick to Ms.Zhu, the master of quality control

So,what did the other group do today? In the morning they recorded the sounds of the different machines used by each worker. In the afternoon they worked on the chair. This time they used used screws instead to fix the cones together into smaller clusters. Then they can put these clusters together to make a chair. The most interesting thing was that they stuffed the cones with left over textiles to make a soft cushion.