Ms.Tang working with the students

16.01.15 | film group – blog by Yang Hanzhang 杨汉章 (student, SZU)

We made a rough cut of the fabrication process yesterday evening, and we brought it to present today. The presentation took the whole morning. Since we were so hungry, we ate at a Dongbei restaurant serving food from the north-eastern part of China. In the afternoon we shot some interviews and also recorded some of the other group’s work.


The afternoon party at the Biennale was great. We had beer, pizza and cheesecake. Another group from the SAIC-School of the Art Institute of Chicago was also having a workshop about Shenzhen, and the installation by Jenson and Ellen was based on Baishizhou as well, the place we are working at these days. Learning about this area is an interesting aspect of this workshop.

Celebrating at the Aformal Academy party