Sketchup model

16.01.15 | making group – blog by Zhang Zecheng 张泽城 (student, SZU)

Today is another challenging day, and we have worked together now for four days. In the morning, we made a presentation to show what we did yesterday. The film groups played their short movie about the fabrication process and the work of the different employees of the factory. The movie was professional, even though they are architect students. So I am very proud of them and I am looking forward to see the final outcome. We also invited the manager and the workers to see the movie. I could see different positive emotions in their faces, and it’s a present, a reward for their long-time hard work.

The design group shared us with what they have learned from the workers, including their personal preferences, their background and so on. We are now learning more about the ‘real life’ of the workers. In the afternoon, some of us concentrated on developing the columns. We were looking at the quantities, sizes, positioning, heights and so on. We tried several ideas and showed it to them to get the feeling they wanted. The process was interesting because we all collaborated to test different ideas and to realize them. The others were hard working, too. They planned to sit down with each worker and discuss in more detail, such as what is the shape of the cloth and other more abstract topics to help develop the design. Simultaneously, the film group members together enriched these discussions even more. The discussions were captured on videotape and in images.

After that, depending on the patterns and the colours that the workers liked, we compiled several patterns for the textiles to make the column. Showing these colourful and beautiful patterns to the manager, we asked him how to realize these designs by us and the workers. Luckily, with the knitting machines, it’s possible to do it, as the manager didn’t think it would be too difficult.

Also, my teammates finished a big task today. They have been recording the sound of each unique machine in the factory, such as the the sewing machine, washing machine, the iron etc. Each worker within the factory has been listening to their own specific sound for many many years, and by recording it we can play them in the Biennale for people to experience. After we finished work today, we were invited for a party at the Biennale in Shekou. We had dinner there and talked to other people happily.