16.01.14 | making group – blog by Li Chujun 李楚君 (student, SZU)

Time flies! Today is the third day. We are mainly divided into two groups, the textile group and the cone group. I was assigned to the interview group, and I am working with the workers in the factory discussing what colour, pattern and texture they love the most, and why. It is their decisions that should be reflected in the textile design that represents their personal space. However there are two big difficulties. The first is how to do this without disturbing the workers? I feel ashamed to disturb them, but lucklily they are all very very kind and patient with us. The dificulty is that there are so many kinds of patterns and textures that it’s difficult to pick the one that they like the most. It is dificult to describe what they are most passionate about with language. Sometimes they might say “That one’s ok”, or “I don’t have any favourite patterns”. Then we don’t know what to say.

Manager Liu explaing his point of view on designing a cone with each worker

Later, Molly came up with a good idea to bridge the comunication problem. While they talk we will paint the pattern and then modify it slowly together with them. Although the images are simple and crude, they are able to express what they really love. Overcoming these challenges meant we didn’t quite finish our work, but we still learned something. One beautiful example is manager Liu’s favourite colour and pattern. He likes red the most and he wanted a heart. Isn’t that amazing? This is because he think “love is a beautiful thing” and that represents his longing for his family and his respect for the workers in the factory. Miss Tang is a very outgoing lady. She likes white, pink and peach. She gave me a photo of herself when she was young in a white dress with red flowers, explaining that she really likes flowers.

Ms.Tang’s picture that she shared with the student Li Chujun

The cone group is set to make a chair/bench for the gallery with the many paper cones available within the factory. But when combining the cones the chair becomes too complex and unstable, so they will test another idea in the afternoon. After testing out this other idea, they finally made it, using the cones to form a preliminary form, combined using line and tread. They almost finished it today, and tomorrow they will try to make it more stable.

Discussing the model with Ms.Tang