The sound group at work

16.01.14 | film group – blog by Yang Hanzhang 杨汉章 (student, SZU)

Today the film group finished the shooting of the fabrication process at the factory. We were using a Canon 70D with Tamron 18-270mm lens to capture the machines and work of the people in the factory. We had a group meeting at noon, and all the video clips we took were checked. Afterwards we watched some documentary movies like Last Train Home (归途列车) and Netflix’s Chef’s Table. We were thinking it would be wonderful if we could make the workers’ favourite song our short video’s background music. After the lunch break we re-shot some clips, and made a test for tomorrow’s interviews that we have scheduled with the workers. We also borrowed a drone from CCDI, but the charger was missing so tomorrow’s aerial shot might be delayed or cancelled. We are experiencing problems with the recording gear, and the loud noise from the linking machine will hugely interrupt the interview, especially the interviews we need to shoot at the linking area. But we will make it work somehow.

“Define your own space” – Students marking their own space within the pavilion