the completed mock-up structure

12.02.13 | exhibition opens!

After Ivar and Clem left for London, Alex and Leika continued preparing for the opening of the exhibition. The gallery felt empty without having the two other WORKSHOP members or the participants from the Visiting School. However, our enthusiastic volunteers have been a huge help! We want to especially thank Vikas and Saurabh for their support. Vikas and Leika were working on the final layer of the plastering, which felt like it would take forever as most of the mock-up structure had only two layers (we needed three). Then Thomas, the brilliant painter who has been working for the British Council over 20 years, started to give us some tips to make the plaster look professional and beautiful. Eventually, he joined us and actually covered 90% of the remaining surface himself!!! We were amazed how fast he could apply the plaster, particularly as it was his first time to work with mud plaster! It’s important to mention that it was because of Vikas that Thomas got interested in joining the plastering…engaging different people in the making can bring unpredictable advantages.

Meanwhile, Alex was working hard printing out and mounting images to the gallery wall. A major issue was to get the brackets for the shelves to display pots, the soil from Hariharpur, and the freshly printed book about our previous Chandar Nagar Project. Here, two Visiting School participants Vishank and Kritika continued to help us even though they were back to their daily work. They drove throughout Delhi to look for the brackets! Peter also dropped by and trimmed the bamboo structure to give it a final touch. There was still a lot to do before we could call it an opening for the exhibition. The professionals at the British Council were very helpful through out the preparation process – thank particularly to Madan Ji and Vipin Ji. By the evening of the 12th, our exhibition was finally ready!!! Please do come visit the gallery if you are in Delhi. We invite you to come and participate throughout the exhibition as it is a space to trigger discussions that are part of our upcoming Project Hariharpur. The exhibition will close on 1st March.