10.12.24 Scholars Making Christmas Cards – By Nerren Homeres

10.12.24 Scholars Making Christmas Cards – By Nerren Homeres

Christmas time is here and everyone has their own way in sending Christmas greetings to their love ones. For the Streetlight kids, making Christmas cards is a great way for them not only to convey their Christmas greetings but also to express their gratitude to their love ones and to those who has been with them through the years.

One of the Streetlight kids, “M” was inspired with the series of workshops done by our three volunteers Ivar, Trond and Alex, in involving everyone in making the new study center. Being a participant of the workshops she witnessed how a group of people can work together in achieving one goal. She personally observed how the workshop was done and she desires to lead the other scholars in making Christmas Cards for their parents and Streetlight staff through a workshop. She wants the scholars to make staff and their parents feel special this Christmas time through their cards.

With full of enthusiasm, ideas and excitement, “M” made plans on how the workshop can be done and I was pleased as she shared it to me. She made a precise plan in facilitating a workshop and I am glad to give my full support and guidance. To make the workshop organized and fun for the scholars, she spent a week in planning and preparation. “M” was also responsible in buying the materials needed for the activity, she made invitations for the scholars to come and delegate some task to other scholars.

All the invited scholars came to the workshop. Amazingly, the workshop went well! It was a great workshop for a young child and a first timer to lead such group. I was surprised as “M” started talking and encouraging everyone to make a special Christmas card for their parents and to anyone at Streetlight they want to give the card. “M” divided the group into three and she provides each group with materials and instructions. Each scholar shows their own creativity and having fun in making their Christmas cards. They made each card beautiful and special and the cards will be given during the Streetlight Christmas Party as their surprise gift for their parents and to the staff.

Streetlight is proud for “M” as she makes a step in becoming a leader and we are looking forward for more workshops that she will lead in the future. It is our desire to produce leaders among our scholars and we will guide them in their new journey towards good leadership.