10.12.04 | The New Study Center’s Building Permit – By Nerren Homeres

10.12.04 | The New Study Center’s Building Permit – By Nerren Homeres

The volunteers faced a lot of challenges in the process of making the new study center and a tough one has come unexpectedly in their way!

After many days of hard work in digging and leveling the area of the building site, our volunteers Ivar, Trond and Alex are ready and excited to start working with the fathers on the next level of their work which is constructing the building. But they were caught by surprise with our government’s way of processing the building permit that is different from their Norwegian way. A building permit is required and necessary requirements should be submitted and be approved by the City Architect Office before starting any construction. Our volunteers were overwhelmed with tons of papers to be filled up and to be accomplished; to make detailed designs, layout and drawings of the project. The list of requirements goes on and on; Barangay Clearance, tax declaration, construction log book, architectural, structural, plumbing and electrical plans, and many more.

To work on the building permit was quite stressful for the volunteers knowing that this system is new to them. With many things to be done, the trios didn’t know where to start the work, and seeking some advices from different engineers and architects they have met have guided them to organize everything and do things one at a time. Finishing the building permit was a time pressure! For a couple of days the volunteers stayed up late at night working on the papers and a day break for themselves has been out of their schedules. They desired to finish the paper works as soon as possible to be able to start the construction.

Ivar, Trond and Alex, were challenged in working on the papers that needs to be submitted, but it was also a good learning experience for them and a great opportunity to go out the Streetlight premises and meet knew people to share their passion and purpose for the project. The Engineers and Architects they work with in completing the requirements for the building permit has been amazed of their passion in coming to Streetlight and make this huge and awesome project for the children. Their noble job has encouraged them to be more involved on the project. They helped the volunteers in making a constructive and structural design to comply and meet the local building codes in constructing a building; they came and visited the building site; assisted to find a cheapest place that provide good quality for the blue print of their drawings, and asked no fees in signing their drawings and designs—which is quite expensive.

The volunteers were relieved of the pressure now that the detailed plans, drawings and layout are done. The long checklists of requirements were accomplished out one at a time and now ready for submission. And we want to express our gratitude of all the people who sincerely help in completing the necessary requirements. We would especially like to say thank you to the following: Architect Danny Fuentabella; Architect Marciano Macato III; Apolinario Davoco, Master Plumber and Civil Structural Engineer; Renerio C. Dedios, Professional Electrical Engineer. Again thank you and we greatly appreciate your guidance on the entire process on the construction of the building.