10.11.29 | The new studycenter and community workshops – by Nerren Homeres

10.11.29 | The new studycenter and community workshops – by Nerren Homeres

Our dreams are our self motivation to work hard and to give our best in every opportunity that comes our way to achieve that dream. And it is heartwarming to know the beautiful and wonderful dreams of each scholar in Streetlight. Their dreams lead and motivate us more to work together as the construction of the new study center has been started and the spirit of oneness and participation is more intense in everyone’s heart.

To maintain the interest and enthusiasm of everyone to the project, our volunteers Ivar, Trond and Alex, has a weekly interesting, fun and exciting workshop to the scholars, mothers and fathers. And I am grateful and honored to be with the volunteers in facilitating every workshop. The goal of the workshops is for everyone to be constantly connected, be updated on the development of the making of the new study center and to deeply understand the purpose of the project. It was quite challenging on our part on how we can persistently connect our self to everyone, how we can manage to make every workshop to be enjoyable, thrilling and making everybody understand the objective of each work shop. But it was not hard to get the attention of everyone as we thought, especially the fathers who just come to Streetlight occasionally. We believe that we can get the trust of everyone when we do things with a humble and passionate heart. And we are amazed how everyone participates, learns and shares their inputs in every workshop. We are glad that indeed every workshop went well and everyone look forward and excited for the next workshop not only because it is a fun thing to do but they value the end goal of every workshop.


We do the workshop accordingly and we started with the scholars. For us to associate more with the children we let our childish ways come out to make it easier for us to relate with them. We ask them what are their dreams and it was inspiring to know as every scholar confidently shared. Their dreams are not only a vision but a reality that they learned, saw, and feel in their journey with Streetlight. Someone wants to be a DOCTOR or a NURSE to help the sick; A TEACHER to teach children and give them better education; A SOCIAL WORKER to protect the unprivileged children; A Certified Public Accountant who owns a business to help the poor; An ENGINEER who build houses and buildings; A SINGER to share her talents in singing; A MANAGER OF RESTAURANT and HOTELS; A CHIEF COOK in a restaurant because she loves to cook; An AIR FORCE OFFICER; A POLICE OFFICER that follow and practice the law; A SEAMAN to travel the world and more dreams that they want to attain in the future. Giving them a good education is the best way to reach each dream and we want the study center a place for them to learn the way they want it. The children came up with great ideas that will hopefully be provided for them. They want a private place to study, a comfortable table and soft chair, a mini library with educational and learning books, a lamp shade, a locker to keep on their things, computer, wall clock, emergency lights, black board and educational posters and designs. Their wishes for the study center give us better picture of an ideal study place for them.


We share the dreams of the children in our workshop with the mothers. We started with a game in which the mothers where divided into two groups and each group have a representative that has to guess the profession that their group has been describing. The game was fun that it made the mothers to jump, scream and laugh out loudly. And the game became meaningful to them when we told them that each profession they guessed were the dreams of their own children. We asked the mothers on how they can help as mothers in achieving their children’s dream. And each mother conveyed their powerful support until their child can finish and realize the dream inside their heart. The volunteers also expressed their support through the study center and all the mothers accepted the volunteer’s sincere invitation in joining them making a design out of the children’s wishes for the study center. The mothers start to make a drawing and plans and show eagerness and willingness to construct the design that they made. And we look forward to see the creativity and handmade productivity of the mothers on the interior of the building.

The weekly workshop with the mothers became more fun, lively, participative, and interesting and the numbers of attendance were increasing in every workshop. Their passion and commitment is now evidently seen in their actions. And they enjoy the snacks that the volunteers prepared after every workshop, especially the Norwegian pancakes!


For the fathers’ workshop, we made an invitation for them to come on a dinner with us at 6pm in the evening at Streetlight. The volunteers went to Sea Wall to personally give the invitation to each father. The gathering was held on the construction site and the volunteers prepare the place while waiting for the fathers. They prepared some tables, chairs, lights and roof just in case the rain comes. Fifteen (15) fathers came one at a time and we are all gathered at exactly 6pm. First we showed them pictures and videos on the development of the project and gave a little introduction about the workshops that we had with the mothers and their children. In this work shop we divided the fathers into two groups and each group draw in their own way a picture of study center and each father chooses from various images of profession that we showed to them and paste the image they choose inside the study center that they have drawn. They understood more on what they have drawn when we explained to them that the pictures they put inside the drawing are the dreams that their children wants to attain in the future. We made them realize that they just have built the dream of their children out of their drawings. And to make them true builders of the children’s dreams we invited them to join the volunteers in building the study center as one great way of making each dream of scholar to come true. The workshop became more personal for the fathers and they also convey their strong support on their child’s dream. And after our dinner, ten (10) more fathers committed to work in building the study center.

We appreciate the contribution of the scholars, mothers and fathers on every work shop. The perseverance of the children to achieve their dreams will be an inspiration for everyone at Streetlight. They have now more confidence to walk through the path toward their dreams knowing that their mother and father are walking with them. The New Study Center will be a good memory of each dream that each scholar will achieve in the future.

We are inviting you all to walk with the children as we support them in achieving their beautiful and wonderful dream.