10.11.07 | To Work with Fun and Purpose – by Nerren Homeres

10.11.07 | To Work with Fun and Purpose – by Nerren Homeres

There is no easy job in this world. We need to give our full strength, our effort, our mind and our time in any job that we are with. But working something with a beautiful purpose is worthy to give everything. And our scholar’s fathers together with the volunteers are giving their all every single day as they are out working on the building site.

Digging and leveling the area was the first phase of their work and they have gone far with the effort they exert each day. Digging is hard, and it makes harder to know that they have been digging on a very hard soil that has been dumped for many years. But digging becomes an enjoyable thing to do when it is done with purpose and working with people that gives motivation to work.

The fathers and the volunteers’ enthusiasm to work have never run out! They endure to work under the heat of the sun from morning until sunset; they bare the heat of their protective clothes that covers their whole body and get wets when the rain comes. Though tiresome strike them in the middle of the day. They never run out of energy with their willingness to work. And while they are digging the children have fun in discovering things that they found under the soil.

How the fathers and the volunteers work together drag me to spent time talking with them while they are working. I enjoy hearing the father’s funny conversations and laughter and I am learning how the volunteers seriously and sincerely examine the site to make it perfect. Though language affects them from exchanging thoughts, it wasn’t a big hindrance for them to work. After all there is no correct language in digging. What matters most are how they enjoy, having fun, and learning each other skills and experiences and how good friendship and respect are built among them.

After many days of hard work on digging and leveling the site, the dirty, grassy, and uneven area is now getting cleaned, leveled and provides a clearer sketch and space for any possibility of putting up the new building. This time the volunteers needs more insights and suggestions from the mothers on how the feeding will work on the new building and how it will be connected from the existing kitchen. They placed two huge tables and chairs to know the size and feel the space on the area. And the mothers were excited as the volunteers brought them on the building site for them to understand and feel the place. The mothers had an opportunity to hold their first meeting on the new study center and though the walls and the roofs are still missing, they feel comfortable and cool from the ocean breeze.

Rain started when it was the time for the volunteers to talk. We hurriedly went inside into the old study center to continue the fun and lively discussion. The big challenge in the agenda is how to bring the food from the existing kitchen on the new building. Everyone first suggested to built a new kitchen on the new building, but everybody also understood the expense of putting a new kitchen and just to maximize the new fully functional kitchen. The discussion becomes more exciting when the mothers start to show their creativity in drawing for the volunteers to understand what they are trying to imply as they could not understand each other with the foreign and local language. Many ideas came up such as to use a huge push cart where they can organize and put all the foods and utensils, and one trip going to the new building is enough for the mothers would not have to walk back and forth like they had feared. Another proposal is to put a covered walk or huge umbrella on the push cart to avoid getting wet when the rain comes. And an interesting idea that came up is to have a huge container to put on the food and the utensils and tie it with a rope, and someone will pull the rope going to the new building. It was indeed a fun brain storming session that gave more insights to everyone.

Ivar, Trond and Alex are grateful for the hard work of the fathers and the full participation of the mothers. And they are hoping to work more with the fathers and to have more interesting discussions not only with the mothers but for everyone as they will now go on the next level of their work which is constructing on the building. They simply don’t want to make the building in their own way but on what is the best for the building to be functional for everyone. A building that will have the specific space, privacy and inspire the children to learn; a place for the teachers to be more motivated and inspired to teach and an easy way for the mothers to serve the food in the morning.

Please stay with us for more amazing, fun and interesting stories to come on the process of making the new study center. Your suggestions and interesting ideas are also highly appreciated.