a hollow wall for insulation and material efficiency

13.10.12 | preparing for the mock-up

Monday was an exciting day – the first proper delivery of materials at the site! Under the watchful eyes of Kashish, Ayush and Anshu (the caretaker’s kids who live at the school) three truck loads of bricks, sand and cement were deposited in a corner of the playground. This material is specifically for a mock-up brick wall that we will start building tomorrow. We had hoped to employ a father who is a very skilled labourer, with experience using brick – but unfortunately he had to leave town at short notice and will be back in ten days time….The main work this week was preparing the foundation though, for which we enlisted the help of a mother, Suman, and two young men from the neighbourhood. We’re hoping that once we start building properly, and parents start seeing some action on the site, that it will be easier to gather together a strong and committed working team. Students from NTNU in Norway, and the AA’s Visiting School program will be arriving in just over a week to start on the two-week project ‘Building Community’ – and it’s important that they are working in collaboration with the parents.  So far, it’s been quite hard to co-ordinate the parents’ desire and enthusiasm to be involved with actual jobs that need doing on the site – but we’re now finally up and running, and ready to employ!

We also just received the great news that three engineers from Ramboll UK will also be joining us for ‘Building Community’ – they’re going to be a great help for the students’ project… but their visit is also perfect timing to get some feedback about the structural system we’re using for our main project. Looking forward to their arrival!