jute rope stretched across the bamboo frame

07.02.13 | day 11 building community ii

Today’s blog is the second written by Divya, a student at SPA in Delhi:

After a long tiring day, people arrived at 9: 45 am, the next morning. This was quite late acc. to the workshop standards. So, for today,  mud walls and the corbel-led arches are almost finished with plastering on the way.The whole scene of the queen’s gallery is comparable to a village filled with a scent of mud and the textures of jute. We all loved the outcome of our hard work. The bamboo frame with secondary jute members is ready to be weaved with different jute patterns. The frame looked like an art piece in itself. Beautifully composed and still so rustic. There was still a lot yet to be finished.

Di and nirali were working on their patterns quite hard. And with devotion. It seems like the duo was playing a harp creating a symphony. Di, Nirali and me (Divya), we all were quite excited to imagine how the final product could look like. About the challenges and the possibilities. Kritika went to bhogal to get the bed makers and more jute ropes.

And THEN, the ‘tragedy I’ happened, Kritika gave us a bad news that one of the bed makers have gone back to their village and the other one is out of reach. And we all knew without the bed makers, finishing this frame is not going to be an easy job. We needed either double the manpower or double the time; and we had neither of the two. We were already behind our schedule, and there was a lot which was yet supposed to be done for the panels apart from the mock-up. After a lot of discussions and clashes,the work on the side frame began with Clem’s help.

Peter, Tyler, Leika and Jaykishan were working on making the mud walls and plastering them with mud and cow-dung mix side by side. Walls were getting plastered and were almost ready to put the jute wall in. Tragedies like depleting mud bricks, Tyler getting hurt, jute weaving going all wrong, workshop printer went out of ink and then the new ink was not good enough to print the cards; kept on happening throughout the day.

By the end of this day, weaving group had 4 frames ready which are just 1/3rd of what we need. We all then went for Dhruv’s exhibition at AF, lodhi road. Wine was a relief. After the dinner, I went home and everyone else was back to the workshop to finish the pending walls and frames.