ana working that cob in the sunset

05.04.13 | day thirteen building community iii

Today’s post, from Litchi!
In the morning we did the mix for the cob wall, so we “danced” in soil and water for a long time before deciding it was dry enough. At the same time, the masons continued to build the columns. We started to build the wall in the afternoon. It was a long but very interesting technique. It took us a while to build a little bit of this wall between the toilets and the classroom. 
It was very nice to be able to experience this technique we had never heard of before coming here. We learned how to put the cob in place, how to do benches and shelves. On this day, Runa and Signe also did tests for the mud plaster. The made some with sand, with more water, with cow dung. 
Very experimental and interesting day for all of us!