still working at the end of the night on completing the timber frame

02.11.12 | day twelve ‘building community’

Things became so busy on the penultimate day of ‘Building Community’ last Friday, that it was hard for anyone to get round to writing a blog entry. So here’s a very brief retrospective account! By this stage the overall group had split into two teams – one finishing off the timber frames (attaching cross-bracing in two of the bays, treating with neem oil etc) and another dealing with the roof. In amongst all this, we were still finishing off the concrete pour for the first slab, and resolving some important decisions for the spatial organization of the interior.  By the time we sat down to dinner in the evening, only a few of the plywood boards were up on the roof, so some of the boys stayed back to try and get some more up before the big day. We all knew the structure wasn’t going to be completely finished, but wanted for it to be as far along as possible…thank you boys!