jelmer and leila sifting sand for the concrete mix

02.04.13 | day ten building community iii

Day ten of the Visiting School, written by Runa:
Today we continued laying bricks, and the progress is noticeable! But after lunch we had a bit of a panic, noticing that the mortar didn’t cure as well as it should, it seemed too sandy. The engineers tested a few more mixes, and found that it probably hadn’t been added enough cement to one of the mixes.
So we had to remove the last bounds, clean the bricks and redo the bonds. This gave us just the right fighter spirit to work late and get further on the foundation, almost reaching ground level, which means we can start on the columns tomorrow. The further we get, the faster it goes, as the bonds become thinner.

The Indian architect Sourabh Phadke joined us today. He works with cob and will share his experience with us. The plan is to make parts of the toilet walls using cob to learn how it can be done, and find out how it can be integrated in the rest of the project.