laying the bricks with mud mortar

02.02.13 | day 7 building community ii

Today’s post is written by Tyler Bollier, a second year student at the AA:

The bricks arrived!

It was the great news of the morning.

We started the day dividing into two groups. One team had the task of sifting through the mountain of clay soil while the other half started experimenting with bricks.  We were trying out different ways in laying out the bricks to create openings in wall structures, and getting ourselves familiar with the material.

A few designs came up.   There were walls playing with the size of openings, hollows walls as well as recycled bottles integrated with the bricks.

The clay fired bricks were bounded using our clay  mortar mixture and water. Once in contact together the bound seems quite strong.

It was a challenge to find the right pattern of bricks vs bottle to unsure the structure was stable. eventually through practice we could  possibly obtain an interesting design.

This was also our day to wrap up some of the unfinished work . The bamboo joints and weaving frames were finalized in the afternoon. This week has been a great hands on experimentation with material, but now the question we must ask ourselves, is how would be want to represent this in the exhibition? And what could now be explored further?

For some, working with clay got quite messy!  But there was no time to change. We brought our filthy selves into a wonderful Tibetan restaurant in Haus Khas village to celebrate altogether a challenging week.

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