treating the joints with neem oil; the rest of the structure will be treated once it's up

01.11.12 | day eleven ‘building community’

The eleventh day of the ‘Building Community’ project, written up by our in-house master mason, Hanna Malene Lindberg (an NTNU 2nd Year student):

Today was yet another long day at the site-but we are also starting to see the results of our efforts!

The foundation group readied the front plinth for casting tomorrow morning, and made the brick wall for the extension in the back, though with slight adjustments. The original plan was to extend the back plinth right up til the neighbour’s wall, but this(we found out) goes against building permits, and also endangered some of the smaller trees on the back side of the construction. Now the back plinth is cut short to an extension of 70 centimeters, but still we hope this will invite to use of the construction from both sides. It will also add, however, some extra workspace for the carpenter to work.

So now we are ready for our last batch of concrete tomorrow morning, when we will finish both the front and back plinth. The floor itself looked really good this morning, and the mason has started to plaster the sides;finally the finer lines of the footprint emerges from its former scruffiness. The timber group also had a busy day, and the frames are now all up and running. The reinforcements for the front joints arrived, got washed and painted, and are now securely fastened and ready to save the construction from any earthquake that comes along. Both the front and back eave-beams were made, and at the end of the day, all the frames were up! We have to say we like the sight.

In addition to this we had some visitors; an engineer came to see if the construction would withstand the powerful earthquakes that come in this region. The judgement was that our construction will hold, but that some of the school buildings probably won’t survive the next earthquake- this challenge, or the question about what to do with the space, we will leave for Alex, Clem and Ivar. All in all it has been quite a busy day, even though there was some discussion. We’re all wondering where the time went, but content that at least the construction body will be up by Saturday. Then we can all sit back and enjoy the view of two weeks work. But first we have to wrap it all up – hopefully Friday and Saturday morning will be enough!